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We’d spent more than $10,000 and tried numerous reputable dog trainers with zero results…when Woody came home after his training, he was like a different dog.– Schuyler Kent and Keith Feldman

Los Angeles Dog Training Services/Rates



In these five sessions, we will assess your dog and put together a comprehensive approach/plan to work towards achieving your goals, whether they be obedience and/or behavioral issues.

This program covers any issues on the walk (lunging, barking, growling, pulling, reacting to other dogs, etc.), as well as all of the basic commands on-leash – Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Place, Come/Recall. We will also address behavior problems, such as jumping up, mouthing, nipping, counter surfing, or any other issues you might be experiencing.

Our unique approach to dog training is geared more towards addressing the fundamental state of mind of your dog, rather than strictly focusing on creating rehearsed behaviors. In other words, we are much more concerned with creating a happy, healthy, balanced dog than creating a dog that simply knows a few obedience commands.

The Good Dog trainers specialize in E-Collar/Remote Collar training, and all dogs that go through one-on-one sessions will be remote collar trained (with the exception of some Walk Doctor cases). If your goal is to have complete freedom and dependability off-leash, inside and outside, our revolutionary approach will give you fantastic results.

Dogs with any human aggression, or serious dog aggression, are not eligible for the One-on-One sessions. This is for the safety of everyone involved, and for the results we are looking for.

The initial 2-hour session is comprised of a consultation, assessment, and hands-on training with you and your dog. You will begin to see dramatic changes in your dog’s behavior within this first session. The next four sessions are 1 hour each, where we will continue to work hands-on with you and your dog on all of the above behaviors. This program is done at our facility in Chatsworth.


*Price does not include an Educator

Off-Leash Basics Program

This program is for the owner who wants 100% recall in any situation, and the freedom, fun, and peace of mind that comes from having this training. In these three sessions, we will introduce you and your dog to the amazing world of low-level remote collar training, creating the dog that comes back to you every time you call him, no matter where you are or what is going on around you. Whether you are looking to off-leash hike with your dog, visit the dog beach, have control at the dog park, or are dealing with a dog that bolts through doors and runs away, this program is for you!

Dogs with any human aggression, or serious dog aggression, are not eligible for the Off Leash Basics. This is for the safety of everyone involved, and for the results we are looking for.

The initial session/consultation is 1.5 hours, and the consequent two sessions are one hour each. This program is done at our facility in Chatsworth.


*Price does not include an Educator E-collar – which range from $175 to $250, depending on your dog’s size.


Three, Four, Five, and Six – Week Behavior Modification and Obedience Training Program

Our highly-regarded board-and-train program is the only program in the Los Angeles area that is truly able to consistently provide world class results for the most severe behavior issues.

The Good Dog specializes in aggression rehabilitation, and successfully deals with the most severe canine behavior problems on a regular basis. By focusing primarily on problem behavior and difficult dogs, we’ve been able to develop a unique approach that not only transforms dogs, but also transfers seamlessly to the owners.

We specialize in state-of-the-art, low-level, communication-style E-Collar training. Our E-Collar program is like nothing you have ever seen, and is nothing like the E-Collar training of old. Contemporary E-Collar Training utilizes the softest, most gentle remote communication, and is one of the most humane and effective approaches to dog training available.

We pride ourselves on boutique-style, specialized, one-on-one attention paid to each individual dog and situation. By comparison to the rest of the industry, which tends to do a higher volume of dogs and longer programs, our very unique approach to training and rehabilitation allows us to go further with your dog in less time and create transformations unavailable elsewhere.

In the board and train, we address all forms of unwanted behavior, including, but not limited to:

  • Dog-to-Dog Aggression
  • Human Aggression
  • Food and/or Resource Guarding
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Severe Fear Issues
  • Reactivity On-Leash

This program also covers all of the basic commands – Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Place, Heel, Come/Recall – as well as Crate Training, Treadmill, Waiting for Food, and Waiting at Thresholds.

This program includes 4.5 hours of one-one-one training: a 30-minute meeting at our facility at the time of the drop-off; 2 90-minute go-home sessions at the end of the program, at our facility, where we will transfer all of the information, techniques, and strategies to you to insure continued success; one 1-hour follow up at our facility or at your home (within the Los Angeles immediate area); email and phone support during and after the program is completed; as well as a prong collar.

$3650, $4150, $4650, $5150 respectively*

*Each program includes our book “Love them by Leading them”, the signature “Ultimate Leash” made only by The Good Dog, a 15-ft long line for continuing the program at your home and a Herm Sprenger Prong collar.

*Price does not include a Educator E-Collar – which ranges from $180 to $220, depending on your dog’s size. We will purchase this for you during your dog’s stay and add it to the final invoice.



If distance is an issue, we offer phone consultations where you can talk with us one-on-one about your specific issues at hand. In this time, both Sean and Laura do coaching on training for your dog, business strategies, personal goals, etc! We will address and assess your situation, and coach you on specific strategies to work with and implement into your life and/or your life with your dog.

Our phone consultation program options include:

-Individual sessions;

-Custom-built package programs, depending on your goals

We also have trainer recommendations all over the country, so let us know if you would rather find someone to work with in-person!



Boarding is only available for dogs who have trained with us previously!

Boarding includes  supervised playtime with other dogs, if applicable, and maintenance of any rules and training that your dog already has in place. All dogs sleep in an individual crate, inside our climate-controlled facility.

$60/day* **
$100/day* ** for standard boarding, plus a 45-minute training tune up during the day (walk, socialization, interior obedience, field trip, etc)

*Pick-up and Drop-off services are available!

**Please contact us for holiday rates.

I’m so thankful to have found Sean. He has done incredible work for me with some very dog-aggressive dogs.– Tonya B.

All package fees are due in advance

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