A Shortage of You

Posted on February 9th, by Sean O'Shea in Training Tips. Comments Off on A Shortage of You

There’s no shortage of great jobs, great friends, great romantic relationships, great opportunities, great careers, and even great wealth, there’s just a shortage of a great you.

Our tendency is to always look outside ourselves when things are missing. We blame everything and everyone else. We believe there’s a shortage of great friends, men/women, jobs, money etc. We’ve actually convinced ourselves this is true. But if there’s anything guaranteed to hold you back from getting what you want in life, it’s this belief. As long as you believe it’s an outside problem you’re screwed. Because you can’t change what’s outside.

But the good news is, it’s an inside game. 100%. All the great stuff you want/desire/hope for comes from within. Which means it’s all in your control. (Ain’t that good news?? It is if you’re willing to take responsibility and do the work.)

The only reason you would be missing any of the above is if you’re missing any of the corresponding value/skill/development that would cause them to be attracted to you.

It’s a value for value exchange. The more value you have, the more value you get. The less you have cultivated, the less you get. And how cool that we each get to decide just how hard we want to work on our internal value creation and how much of the good stuff we want to get out of life?

If there are essential elements of life that you wish to have more of, it’s time to get to work. If you’ll work hard to improve you and your value (your emotional skills, your attitude skills, your relationship skills, your financial skills, your work/business skills, your talent, your willingness to risk, your courage, your self-belief, your discipline etc.) you’ll find a whole lot more of these things attracted to you.

Remember, it’s your job to become the equivalent of whatever it is you want. 🙂

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