Just move!

Posted on April 19th, by Sean O'Shea in Training Tips. Comments Off on Just move!

One of the best hacks I’ve found for any time I’m down, depressed, or feeling dark, is to just get moving. Like everyone, I can experience dark moods and get stuck there, analyzing and cycling, but if I put some action and movement into my situation it always changes, and actually helps to reset me.

You can get out of whatever negative state you’re in mentally by changing your physical state. This could be a run, a hike, a swim, a workout, a drive, a walk (bring the dog unless the dog is causing the problem!), just move! It’s fascinating to see how quickly a physical change can help create a mental change. And it’s also fascinating to see how easy it is to stay locked in a mental cycle that totally doesn’t serve you if you just sit in it. The mind loves a good downward spiral, and will be happy to oblige you if you allow it! Instead, break that cycle.

Next time things are tough (and we ALL experience these moments), remember this, and get yourself moving. Get out of your head and get into your body. It’ll reset the mind and give you fresher, more healthy perspective.

P.S. Add your favorite music or audio book to whatever you choose to do to really change to your state!!

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