Leveraging the greatness of others!

Posted on February 19th, by Sean O'Shea in Training Tips. Comments Off on Leveraging the greatness of others!

So today is the day after finally releasing our e-collar DVD. (If you didn’t see the post about it, it took an entire year to finish, top to bottom! That tells you a bit about the scope of it!) And as I was responding to Facebook and Instagram comments congratulating us on the release, I was struck by how this would have never gotten done without me leveraging the greatness of others.

And I think it’s such an important reminder for all of us.

All of us have special gifts and skills, but it’s so easy to get caught up in our own limitations – to only see our gaps, and forget our gifts. The things we are great at are almost always offset by a whole bunch of things we’re kinda terrible at. So we have a goal or a dream, and we decide we want to realize it, but then we remember that we’re horrible with organization, or small details, or planning, or marketing, or tech, or…

But being great at everything isn’t your job. More than that, it isn’t even possible. And even more than that, just trying to be/do everything diminishes your impact on the special stuff that only you CAN do.

And that’s where your effort and energy needs to be. Where you’re most special. Where you’re most talented. Everything else needs to go to those who do those other things better than you. People who have cultivated skills and talents you haven’t. People who are as great at what they do as you are at what you do. And when you create and nurture teams like that, watch out!! It’s like wildfire. These people allow you to focus on your strengths and do your special stuff, and when you combine your gifts with their gifts, that’s where magic happens. In the combining and mingling of gifts and talent.

So as you go about tackling (or contemplating) your dreams and desires, don’t get caught up in thinking you have to know/understand/handle it all. You don’t, and you shouldn’t. That’s amateur style. The pros always create amazing teams and leverage the greatness of others. They do and share their greatness and allow others to do the same in the places that are needed. They understand that they have gaps, and that that’s okay. They understand that their job isn’t to do everything, just what they’re great at, and then find others to fill the gaps with their greatness.

And that’s something I’m always trying to be better at. 🙂

P.S. I’d like to take this moment to thank Laura Morgan, Lizz Rantz, and Jake Loskutoff for so elegantly and amazingly filling my gaps with their greatness. This project would NEVER have been finished (or even attempted!) without their amazing talents and gifts. Left on my own, I would have either not started this project, due to sheer overwhelm, or I would have given up after the millionth setback. The reason any of you are enjoying this DVD, or will in the future, is only because these great people were on the team. Yours truly is pretty good at some stuff, but the other 95% not so much. Without the team, I would have been beaten and given up That’s why leveraging the greatness of others is so important. Thanks goodness for them!!! 🙂

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