What do you need to learn?

Posted on February 5th, by Sean O'Shea in Training Tips. Comments Off on What do you need to learn?

That’s a great question, and the best way to find out what you most need to learn is to just look where it hurts the most.

Is it your finances? Is it your romantic relationships? Is it your health? Is it your mindset/attitude? Is it setting healthy boundaries? Is it toxic associations (friends, lovers, co-workers, family)? Is it self-esteem? Is it maintaining distance from people even though you desire closeness?

Whatever it might be (and “it” might be many of these!), pain will always lead you to what needs attention and work. What hurts is what needs work.

Instead of avoiding, sidestepping, or being afraid of it, let the pain and discomfort be your guide. If “it” was working it wouldn’t hurt. If “it” was on target it would feel good. If “it” was solid and healthy you’d feel great with it. And if “it’s” not, don’t ignore it. Honor it. Let it guide you.

Life has the habit of continuously sharing pain with us when something needs our attention. When something needs to be assessed/changed/improved. And it continues to do so until we make the necessary changes and adjustments.

Forgo the earlier, milder warnings and life will certainly turn up the volume as necessary until you’re unable to hear anything else!

Instead of ignoring, numbing, hiding from it – embrace it, honor it, listen to it. It’s trying to help you. It’s trying to guide you. It’s trying to protect you. It’s trying to teach you.

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