Where there’s smoke there’s fire

Posted on April 14th, by Sean O'Shea in Training Tips. Comments Off on Where there’s smoke there’s fire

One of the questions we get asked by owners the most often is whether to correct whining, barking, growling. And here’s the thing, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Meaning, all these sounds are the smoldering signs of unease, anxiety, brattiness, fear etc.

They’re all negative states. And as I’m always talking about, the more a dog practices a negative state/behavior the worse it gets. But if we block it/correct it, we stop the cycle and create the opportunity for a new, more healthy state/behavior.

Many folks will tell you that correcting this stuff leads to fallout or the “ticking time bomb”, but after hundreds and hundreds of major problem dogs, who’ve been corrected for all these issues, we’ve yet to see these dog training legends manifest. What we have seen are dogs stopping negative behavior patterns and beginning better, healthier patterns.

Remember, the sound is often the precursor, the beginning step of an escalation sequence, or just the most obvious sign of a negative state, and if you’ll stop the first step of the sequence, you’ll likely never see the rest of it.

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