Learn To Train The Good Dog Way: The “Out” Command

Posted on January 6th, by Sean O'Shea in . Comments Off on Learn To Train The Good Dog Way: The “Out” Command

Hey gang, everyone has been asking me for an “Out” command video for a while, and I finally had a chance to shoot one. In this clip I work with Kaspar, who’s with us for severe possessiveness of the female owner and their new born, even guarding and growling at the father, some serious food guarding issues, and general nasty attitude stuff with mouthing and bullying. We’ve worked all of our regular program with him, so he’s fully E-Collar trained, and we’ve worked a ton on his attitude. This was his first ever “Out” session. I demonstrate how I set it up and how I work through the program with him. I have several ways I teach this, so this is just one variation.

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