Getting a crazy, reactive pittie to not react…in 24 hours

Posted on March 28th, by Sean O'Shea in . Comments Off on Getting a crazy, reactive pittie to not react…in 24 hours

In this clip, we show a super high-energy girl, Kaci, who came in for reactivity and rambunctious craziness. She’s a great example of a dog who’s reactivity and walking issues stem from excitement and wanting to play, rather than fear or insecurity. This is a 24 hour back to back clip. It shows Kaci as soon as she came in, then it shows the next day’s first training session. What did we do in that 24 hours? We made sure she was polite and looked for permission at thresholds and the crate – and corrected her if she wasn’t. And then our fist “official” training session was simply e-collar heel. This is demoed by a sped up Anri. (To see how we do this process in real time click this link: ) By teaching Kaci how to relax, focus on the handler, and that she’s responsible for making good choices, we get an entirely different dog in just one 24 hour period, and just one actual training session.

If you’ve got a Kaci, or worse, e-collar heel, along with all the other foundational exercises, could be just the answer you’ve been looking for. 🙂

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