The Good Dog Minute 10/31/14: Niño, human aggressive dog 5 day transformation – NEW AUDIO

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Hey gang, this is a video I’m pretty excited to share with you all. Niño came to us just a handful of days ago with some pretty serious aggression issues. He’s been attempting (and in some cases succeeding) to bite people when they get close to him either in the house or on walks. Due to this fact his owner doesn’t take him out anymore, and has to have him locked away when guests come over. When we picked him up he attempted to go after/bite us and several other people within just a few minute’s time. His owner would have to grab him and clamp his muzzle shut to prevent him from biting/lunging. This video is five days after we started working with Niño, and it shows some pretty remarkable progress in a very populated and stressful environment – the French Quarter of New Orleans. We used our usual comprehensive approach of structure, rules, leadership, duration work, full e-collar program, clear rewards for good work and clear consequences for poor choices, and some counter-conditioning around triggers. I think this video is a good example of what’s possible when the right tools and strategies are utilized – even with a dog who has been practicing dangerous habits for a long time. If you have a dog like Niño, remember, there are answers out there.

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