What’s Possible With the Right Training

Posted on March 29th, by Sean O'Shea in . Comments Off on What’s Possible With the Right Training

I’m sure you all remember Hunter, the intensely anxious guy with the bite history. His anxiety was off the charts. And that anxiety was contributing heavily to his dangerous behavior.

I’m excited to share this video for a couple of reasons. First, I know most vets and positive only trainers would have recommended medication straight away…before even attempting a training solution. And second, because it’s a great example of not just teaching obedience commands, but training the whole dog.

Obedience work is great, and thanks to previous training Hunter was well versed in his commands. But his mindset was still a mess. This is where many programs struggle. The focus on traditional obedience without addressing the whole dog leaves a well-trained dog…who’s often still struggling.

It’s time we start looking deeper at training and its possibilities. There’s more out there than just obedience. But we have to look for it, we have to tune into the whole dog.

And it’s also time we start to question a medication first approach to “training”.

What’s possible with the right training…

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