Working with a deaf, human aggressive dog

Posted on February 5th, by Sean O'Shea in . Comments Off on Working with a deaf, human aggressive dog

Deaf, human and dog aggressive, obsessed with light/shadows, wild crate issues, and crazy reactive/vocal on walks…yikes!!

Rocco, a deaf Boston Terrier, with loads of issues, arrived at TGD for a serious make-over. I have to admit, when I saw (heard) his antics, I was a bit concerned. He was just a wee bit edgy.

What I love about this video (besides all the great stuff Laura put in it) is how clearly it shows how a comprehensive, full mindset approach to training achieves results you just can’t get with addressing specific issues, or simply obedience work alone. By going after the big picture, AND assessing specifics, we help the entire dog, not just the symptoms. And the upshot of this? We helped Rocco move from stressville to chillville.

Take a look at the dog in the beginning of the video and then the one at the end. Then ask yourself, which one would you want to be? 🙂

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